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Automated Lead Database for Solar Companies

Hello there! There are only two reasons that you would continue on reading this page.

Reason #1You own a solar company

Reason #2You want to know how we can help you attract 30-100 leads per month to your business and automatically funnel them into a spreadsheet that your sales team will use daily to call and close sales.

If you don’t have both reasons… there is no point reading on…

You’re still here!

Let me explain how Reso Marketing Consulting can help you achieve 3 things:

Attract 30-100 Hot Solar Leads predictably to your firm every single month

Automatically add these leads to a database and notify your sales team to call them ASAP

Follow a follow up and appointment system that is easy to implement even to a sales team composed of monkeys

Ready? Good.

In this framework there are 3 integral parts to make this work so you don’t have to even think about “where do I find new clients to serve?”

#1 – Attention grabbing Facebook Ads

This is where the lead engine starts. We will create highly targeted ads to your target customers. We have a proprietary approach that ensures all leads that come in to your database are qualified and has the intent of buying solar setups in the next 6 months.

#2 – Automated Database + Staff Notifications

We automate the process of collecting all leads in one easy to access and use spreadsheet. This spreadsheet will be accessible to you, your sales team and to anyone who would need access to it. Every time a new lead is added to your database, A text notification will be sent to your sales team. We can set this in a round robin distribution to ensure everyone gets a fair chance to call and close clients.

#3 – Easy to implement lead follow up and appointment setting workflow

We believe in systems. Investing in a solar setup is not an impulse purchase and we understand that it takes more than just one touch point to persuade a prospect to become a customer. We have a well laid out plan and process of how to follow up with leads. We do this in two ways simultaneously:

  1. Automated email sequence — a 5 step email sequence that tells your story, connects with your prospect on a personal level and gives a promotional offer at the very end.
  2. Sales Scripts — a simple to follow lead followup methodology that is predictable, repeatable and scalable. We will provide training videos for your staff to easily learn and adapt to this process

I know we said 3 but we have a secret sauce that makes this even more juicy!

#4 – Top of Mind Retargeting Ads That Create Good Will

We will retarget your prospects with ads on Facebook that build trust using customer testimonials, project updates and other PR ads. This aggressively puts your brand in front of interested prospects and keeps you top of mind so when they are ready to hire a solar team… you will be their first choice!

That's it.

And that is our stupid simple (but highly effective) process of helping solar companies grow their business using online advertising, simple systems and an understanding of how a solar prospects decides before they commit to purchase.

If you have made it up to this point, thank you for your time.

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PS. We offer area exclusivity. Meaning, once we have a client that operates in a given area, we don’t accept other competitors in that area. If you service Metro Manila, we will not work with any solar companies that service the Metro Manila area.